Activities & Results

In-depth research

On the situation regarding Early School Leaving, on best practices in collaborative learning and about national frameworks for assessment of teachers’ competences.

Promoted Educational forums

Addressed experts and professional from different levels of education systems to inform about the current state of the art in regards to strategies and policies in Early School Leaving and low achievement, collaborative learning practices and CARMA objectives.

Conducted train-the-teacher activities

Up to four teachers from each participating country have been involved in a European workshop aimed at developing knowledge and skills in collaborative practices and testing in practice the developed CARMA approach.

Adapted and developed non-formal learning techniques and RMA

Application of non-formal learning practices and collaborative methods in the school environment and classroom practices with teachers and their students that involved the wider school community in the feedback process.

Designed and produced teacher competence assessment model

Based on a set of performance indicators to measure teacher’s professional competences for understanding, organising and delivering successful collaborative learning environments.


Toolkit for Teachers
Providing a step by step guide and tools on how to implement the collaborative learning activities with their students to increase their motivation and participation
Assessment Model
Defining common standards in teacher competences to deliver collaborative learning and assessment in classroom practices will be developed
Inclusion Strategy
Addressed to the European and national education authorities, with recommendations on how to integrate non-formal learning methods within the educational programmes and suggestions on how to form collaborative relations within whole school community