CARMA policy recommendations for school education published!

CARMA project has now published its policy recommendations as part of its Inclusion Strategy for incorporating the lessons learnt from CARMA into policies and strategies to support the integration of non-formal learning as a collaborative learning strategy for addressing low achievement and early school leaving.

The CARMA Inclusion Strategy offers a set of recommendations for teachers, school managers, governments and policymakers, focusing on different aspects, but promoting ways to fight early school leaving and increase students’ participation and motivation. The recommendations that the CARMA partnership have developed followed a comprehensive evaluation process which collected and analysed results from a year-long phase of testing different non-formal learning techniques and Reciprocal Maieutic Approach (RMA) as an assessment tool with 28 teachers and more than 3,000 students across Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal, Turkey and Austria.

The Inclusion Strategy paper is available to download from the CARMA website at

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