The second partnership meeting for the project CARMA – RMA and other non-formal learning methods for Student Motivation took place in Murcia, Spain on the 19th and 20th September 2016, hosted by the University of Murcia.

CARMA focuses on the introduction of non-formal learning practices and collaborative learning within school education to transform classroom practices and address challenges in school education.

During the second partnership meeting, partners reviewed the project’s progress and outcomes achieved so far including the results from the desk-based research and surveys carried out in each country. The desk-based research investigated trends and statistics on Early School Leaving, best practices in collaborative teaching and learning and national frameworks to support teacher assessment. The online survey which has collected more than 1100 respondents of which are teachers, students, parents and stakeholders across the 7 countries of the partnership: Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Belgium, Portugal and Austria, explored and identified specific needs faced by schools and sought to gain a deeper knowledge on how to adapt non-formal learning methods to each school system.

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