In cooperation with the José Estêvão School Cluster of Aveiro, INOVA+ has organized and implemented the second Educational Forum for teachers, on 28th June.

A total of 36 teachers from different schools of the José Estêvão School Cluster and school levels have participated in this Forum. Participants were introduced to the CARMA project activities and results achieved, with focus on the catalogue of non-formal techniques and on the teachers’ assessment model. The methodology followed, which included to consult and train teachers at European level and to implement national pilot/experimental actions in the different countries of the consortium, was explained and participants found it useful and relevant.

A practical oriented session was held using the “Six Thinking Hats” as an example of a non-formal education technique. The rationale beyond the technique and how it ca be used in educational context was explained and debated, and diverse approaches to its implementation were explored. Participants were then invited to use imaginary hats and to discuss a current problem in any school (related to parents’ involvement and participation in the school community activities) and to define a common strategy to deal with it. Teachers were delighted by using this technique and its potential application in the classrooms and have shown interest in learning details of more techniques of the catalogue.

The CARMA project is co-funded by Erasmus+ KA3: Support for policy reform, Prospective Initiatives Forward-Looking Cooperation Project and addresses the promotion of “innovative, collaborative teaching and learning” within school education.

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